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What can today's local church do to engage a Post-Modern culture?

In City on a Hill: Reclaiming the Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century, Philip Graham Ryken wrote these important words:

What God has given in the church is exactly what a post-Christian culture needs. . .The charter members of the first church in Jerusalem were a remarkable group of men and women. By the power of God’s Spirit they turned the world upside down, starting the most remarkable institution in human history. Yet anyone who has ever been to a good church cannot help but notice that what they did was thoroughly ordinary. There was Bible reading and preaching. There was corporate worship, including prayer and the sacraments. There was fellowship and evangelism. They simply did the things that Christians since then have always done—which is exactly the point! Wherever Christians have joined together to establish teaching, worshiping, and caring communities, they have been able to meet the unique challenges they faced from the surrounding culture. (p. 30)

Quoted by David E. Strope, D.D. in Bb – Regular Baptist Ministries

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